ALICE’S KITCHEN is authentic Lebanese home cooking at its best! An immigrant family cookbook, with more than 125 original recipes, from how to pick and cure olives to how to bake pocket bread. Here are generations of recipes passed down from mother to daughter in the mountain village of Douma, overlooking the Mediterranean, brought to America by Grandmother Dalal and Mother Alice, and then passed on to Linda. In ALICE’S KITCHEN, Linda presents their recipes, along with family stories, as a culinary gift to you of Lebanese cuisine-one of the healthiest on the planet.

Traditional, home style Lebanese recipes that include quick, familiar vegetarian favorites such as hommous, tabbouli, baba gannouj and many other fantastic and authentic salads, rice, and vegetable entrees. Learn to create Lebanese ice cream and pastries, such as heavenly, light baklawe, where one piece is never enough. Tantalizing, traditional lamb and rice dishes keep company with rolled grape leaves, soups, and appetizers in this expansive collection. Sawaya provides excellent recipes seasoned with a generous amount of memoir.

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“This book covers some very basic procedures rarely described elsewhere, such as curing olives, baking paper-thin marouq (marqu^q) bread and making Arab-style cheese. There’s even a recipe for arishe (qari^sheh), a sort of tart ricotta made from the whey you get when you make “yogurt cheese” by draining yogurt overnight.”
—Charles Perry, The Los Angeles Times