douma picnic 1914

Mostly women and children out for a picnic in Douma, Lebanon around 1914. My beloved mother, Alice, is in the front row, third from left at about 4 years of age. Her mother, my grandmother, Dalal is in the front second from right, with my uncle Edmond just sitting close beside her. Her mother, Miriam is standing behind her, hand on hip.

douma fountain

Douma fountain, photo circa 1900, with left to right: Najib Eid, Yusef Samia, Michel Shammas, Hanna Yazbek.

father sawaya

Father Gerasimos Sawaya, founder of St. Anne’s Melkite Church in Los Angeles in the early 1900s. He is my father’s uncle.

sawaya brothers

My father, Elias Jerius Sawaya in the center, with his two younger brothers, Nassim on the left and Michael on the right. Photo taken in front of our Los Feliz home in Los Angeles, circa 1955.


mom & sitto in garden

A lovely photo of my grandmother, Dalal, and her daughter, Alice around 1930.

Mom & dad wedding

Wedding of Alice Antoun Ganamey and Elias Jerius Sawaya in Detroit, Michigan 1934.