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praise for alice’s kitchen | Alice's Kitchen: Traditional Lebanese Cooking

praise for alice’s kitchen

Beautiful endorsements of Alice’s Kitchen: Traditional Lebanese Cooking by a few amazing people. Read book reviews, and readers’ comments on additional pages:

“A warm and enthusiastic cookbook…one to be treasured!”
—Paula Wolfert, author of The Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean

“An elegant and utterly delicious tribute to Middle Eastern food, memory and the precious family flavors we savor all our lives-I adore Linda Sawaya’s written-with-true-love cookbook and keep it close by at all times. It has never yet met the shelf.”
—Naomi Shihab Nye, author of Sitti’s Secrets, Habibi

“Your cookbook performs miracles!…It’s like going home!”
—from one of Alice’s Kitchen’s Lebanese-American readers

“Food is central to Arab culture in general and Lebanese culture in particular. It is also central to one of the most important factors in that culture which is Hospitality.

Food is served to family and guests in copious amounts and the variety of dishes on a well laid table is designed to delight the eye, as well as to impress the appetite and the guest. Such a table is a proud work of art.

Artist Linda Sawaya’s timely book, Alice’s Kitchen, serves up such a work of art. In so doing, she passes on a cherished tradition to Arabic speaking immigrants’ children and their well-assimilated descendants several generations deep. She beckons them to follow her lead and keep the wonderful tradition alive. She gives them, as well, mouth-watering recipes from which to create their own proud works of art.

Thank you, Linda Sawaya, for this book.”

—Alixa Naff, Ph.D, Middle East Social and Political History, Creator of the Naff Arab American Collection
National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution